Multiplier Event by Europea Poland 16th January 2017


By Wieslawa Gasiorowska



As a place we selected vocational school in Gołotczyzna, agricultural vocational center, where courses have been provided in agro tourism, hotel service, food processing for students and for adults. The ME was opportunity to meet actors of tourism branch, from students, stakeholders, teachers, clients and entrepreneurs. Among participants were TURBOS which are invited to be trained during week in August and they are ready to participate in project activities, and are open for BoB.

Mrs Hansina B Einarsdóttir introduced the content and the aims of the “M&M” project, Minds into Matter - designing sustainable training tool for tourism. She talked about how Turbos can motivate and mentor young people into entrepreneurship / sustainable learning. The bone structure of BOB was also introduced.

Representatives speech’s topics were:

Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development – Katarzyna Orzechowska presented rapport about Polish rural tourism. She introduced the audience to national program “Take a rest in countryside” giving the best practice in whole Poland.


We discussed that agrotourism in Poland is a big challenge and chance for farms with diverse income sources. The achievement of the outcomes in this area creates the opportunities for alternative sources of income and employment on the farm or self-employment. The innovation in this means increase in development of micro, small and medium enterprises, and thus, increase in employment, especially in less developed areas.


We presented Rosłana Dzilinska, Kowalski family and others participants of ME, i.e. - students and others concerned, with practical examples of solutions in the field of entrepreneurship in the rural tourism branch (sector).


From the local field we invited Mrs and Mr Kowalscy – they run agro touristic family business providing many different activities, i.e. ecological production, cold pressing oil and so on.  hI want to mention that we have in our “supporting staff” the National Advisory Center for Teachers in Brwinów. Mrs Zofia Bończak – she is responsible for teachers training in agro tourism, updating their knowledge and skills. They provide a curriculum and a set of didactic materials, ready to be used by teachers in schools.And many VIPs who are responsible and create policy in tourism sector especially agro tourism branch took part in ME. In whole event took part 96 participants and 5 guests from Lithuania, Iceland and Denmark, plus of course the partners in the M&M project.


After official conference we organized workshop involving Turbos, presenting their job, activities, getting to know each other for future co-operation. It means that during ME in Poland, Turbos and Mentors has been chosen according to project tasks. They started work together before ME. We involved them in our TN meeting. Polish Mentors have known their situation and are ready to prepare training course, methods and materials according their individuals achievements.  It was big event for agro tourism development in Poland and Europe as well.



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