Multiplier Event Czech Republic, May 16, 2018


Hotelová škola, Vyšší odborná škola hotelnictví a turismu a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Poděbrady.





10.00 - 15.00 Participants signed attendance list, received conference program and nametags.


Eva Svobodova opened conference and presented project partners and guests.


PhDr. Jana Podoláková, Principal of the hosting school, welcomed participants. She told that school celebrates 50th anniversary of working, teaching and building. Teachers need international experience and exchange of practices. She told that king Jorge who was originally from Poděbrady could be proud that we are here because he was sure that Europeans have to cooperate and not to fight with each other.


Hansina B. Einarsdóttir from Iceland, M&M project coordinator, made 20 minutes presentation about story behind the project and about tourism on Iceland – obstacles and opportunities. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation expects the rise in number of tourists on the global level. But most of workforce in tourism has little or no formal education. Information from all over Europe show that 80% of SME in the tourism field are not making enough profit. There is lack of professional knowledge in running business (planning, languages, IT, management, selling, products definitions). Self-directed learning-knowledge is solution for daily work.


Hansina showed video, which is related to the Icelandic BoB for Vitinn, made by Czech students in Iceland on how to do and how not. She mentioned that 28 VET students from Poděbrady had gone for practice to Iceland.


Zuzana Hummelová, mentor from Hotel School in Poděbrady, made presentation of the M&M output and BoB.


Eva Svobodová, mentor from Hotel School in Poděbrady presented English version of the M&M project output BoB.


Mariví Gracia Osanz, mentor from Tenerife Job Training, made presentation about tourism on Tenerife and about Spanish BoB from Casa Alberto.


Vojtěch Vrobel from Association of small and medium enterprises in Czech Republic (AMSP ČR) presented 2017 Year of Rural Tourism, 2018 Year of Family Business and 2019 Year of Digital Business. AMSP was founded in 2001 and unites at the moment 290 000 businessmen (


Pavel Znamínko from Agricultural School in Poděbrady told about goals of the Association of Educational Facilities in Country Tourism and about Agricultural School and its Erasmus+ project about revitalisation of the school’s garden. As a result, school garden became a new urban space.


Petr Scholz from College of Polytechnics in Jihlava told about Green Management in Accommodation Facilities and his research about eco-friendly accommodation.


Markéta Kalábová from University of Economics in Prague made presentation about hunting tourism in Czech Republic.


Eva Svobodova closed conference and invited project partners and guests to the lunch at Hotel School restaurant served by students.




15.00-21.00 Post program for project members and guests included study visit to Museum and Bookbinding workshop “Jenda Rajman” in Rožďalovice, study visit to farmstead Košík and dinner in farmstead restaurant in Tuchom.






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