Mentor profile & work in the MM project 2016 - 2018



ESTONIA: Information about mentors


Experience & professional background

  • Good solid English speaking and understanding
  • Very good native speaking /writing
  • Appropriate educations to be useful in training adult, entrepreneurs and people in Tourism
  • Training and teaching experience in VET or Adult areas
  • Being able to structure work and lead an independent  complexed work & good experience in project management
  • Good knowledges of Tourism and how this field works & operate
  • Strong ethic & and positive thinking
  • Visually thinking
  • Good solid IT knowledge’s


Personal background

  • Personally, interested in the MM project and seeing the professional possibilities for future work & projects
  • Well motivated and flexible willing to learn new stuff
  • Positive and enjoying live
  • Willing to invest time in new type of training and working with Turbos & other EU partners
  • Over 35 of ages
  • Experience in EU work and cooperation


What are the Mentor going to do during the project?

  • Will attend a professional training seminar for Mentors  in Tenerife dates 6th - 10Th of Mars - travel & accommodations  & seminar payed from the project.
  • Will be involved in finding and recruiting Turbos for the project in their home countries.
  • Will prepare & teach a 5 days seminar with Turbos in their home countries - Date to be discussed  for the 2017
  • Will be responsible for the follow up training with the Turbos, making BoB. This is a investment for about 40 hours after the Turbo training - at least 4 meetings with the Turbos over 12 month. Making BoB useful, flexible, visual on line and sustainable.
  • Will participate in the Stake Holders meeting / ME meetings / Dissemations in each countries
  • Will be responsible for evaluations/ questioning from the A& R team

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