Turbos profile & work in the MM project 2016 - 2018




Who are they?

Turbos stand for Tourist rural Business owner.

These are the people/companies that are SME in rural Tourism and usually they have built up their own business with ideas, strength and enthusiasm.

They are likely to be facing a growing opportunities since Europe is getting older and number one favourite choice of the majority of the  “Baby Boomers generations “(  ages 55 plus ) is to travel and experience something new.

This - therefore - is the number ONE field of endless possibility of new jobs and interesting growth. This fact might also  be your biggest argument /motivations for getting people interested in being Turbos for Bob.

The people you are going to recruit into our Turbos training have to have this is common:

Working and experience background

  • Willing and desiring to build up more professional & profitable business - “ like to grow &  get stronger ….”  Like to invest  some time in creating new tools and knowledge’s
  • Are interested in quality, management and training
  • Like to increase their compatibility and are willing the spread the Buzzwords… BoB
  • Willing to invest in EU project for future and able to take & train students
  • Good solid English speaking and understanding
  • Good knowledges of Tourism and how this field works & operate
  • Strong ethic & and positive thinking



Personal profile

  • Personally interested in the MM project and seeing the professional possibilities for future work in their field - being a spokesman
  • Ambitious & outgoing - able to give public speeches
  • Have the personality to affect people  and make some impact in positive way …



What are the Turbos  going to do during the project?

  • They will attend a professional 5 days training seminar for Turbos for the project in their home countries. Already set dates.
  • Will furthermore  spend at least 80 hours of work - during the 12 months of the project -  meeting with the Mentor and creating their own personal BoB.
  • Will participate in the Stake Holders meeting / ME meetings / Dissimations in each countries and be a spokesman for BoB.
  • Will participating in giving feedback to the A& R team

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